Key Fundamental Research in Unmanned Excavation Equipment for Deep Dangerous Coal Seam

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National 973 Plan Project

Key Fundamental Research in Unmanned Excavation Equipment for Deep Dangerous Coal Seam

Project number:2014CB046300 Chief Scientist: GeShirong

Brief introduction of the Project

Currently, unmanned excavation equipment is the frontier of development and a yet insolvable world problem in the international coal field. This project, focusing on the key technical problems of unmanned excavation equipment, like effective cutting, reliable operation and intelligent measure and control, the three scientific problems of the coupling of deep coalseam machinery with coal petrography, self-adaptive control, reliable and effective power adaptive transmission and control as well as online accurate measurement and control principle and methods of unmanned excavation equipment, conducts research on appraisal of deep coal self-adaptive efficient cutting principle and applicability, deep surrounding rock self-adaptive support principle and generative theory, modeling and design theory of gradually changing reliability of power transmission parts of unmanned excavation equipment, efficient power transmission principle and self-adaptive control methods of heavy load mutation performance,coal properties online recognition and excavation state sensing principle as well as implementation methods, autonomous cruise principle and implementation methods of unmanned excavation equipment, etc. The project has developed a complete set of new theories, principles and methods of unmanned excavation equipment design and manufacture, achieved original innovation of core technologies, including the efficient self-adaptive cutting, reliable and efficient transmission of power as well as operating condition accurate measurement and control of unmanned excavation equipment, provided scientific theoretical support and key technical support for our country’s urgent need of the design and manufacture of deep coal seam unmanned excavation equipment and laid the theoretical foundation for our country’s international leading position in unmanned excavation equipment technology.