Key Project of National Science and Technology Support Plan of the 12th Five-year Plan

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Key Project of National Science and Technology Support Plan of the 12th Five-year Plan

Efficient Exploration and Development and Filling Technology as well as Its Demonstration in Large Coal Bases

Project number: 2012BAB13B00   Chief director: Miao Xiexing

Brief introduction of the Project

In view of the problem with low exploration accuracy of complicated geological structures and low mastery degree of water bearing capacity as well as water gushing passageway of coal-bearing strata that perplex the efficient mining in our country’s large coal bases, this project has developed a system of techniques and methods for quick and accurate exploration of complicated large coal bases, and coal mine geophysics visualization system. Besides, considering the mine construction difficulty under the complicated conditions in deep mining areas in Inner Mongolia as well as Shaanxi Province, including rich water content of coal strata, soft coal mine roofs, etc, the project has developed a kilometer-deep freezing hole gyro inclinometer, deep mine freezing construction remote real-time monitoring and management system on the basis of Internet of Things, surrounding rock reaming anchor implements, simulation software of three-dimension ventilation system, and formed construction technology system of coal bases with production of 100 million tons.

Considering the resource waste and environmental damage caused by large-scale coal development in mining areas, this project has developed key techniques and equipment like down hole technique system that integrates mining, selection, filling and mining, comprehensive mechanized filling as well as mining hydraulic support, etc, a down hole coal dressing intellectual control system, an accurate similarity model monitoring system, a filling and mining subsidence prediction software, and taken charge of working out relevant 9 items of industry standards. All these research achievements have already been popularized in and applied to a dozen of mines, including Tangshan Mine in Kailuan mining area, 12 mines in Pingdingshan mining area, etc, and have formed an innovative technical model that integrates mining, selection, filling and mining.

The technique system had formed during the implementation of the project; characteristics of efficient and accurate exploration, safe and efficient development and integration of mining, selection, filling and mining have been worked out, which provide reliable technique security for the safe and efficient production of the coal industry, the improvement of resource recovery rate as well as the protection of environment.


Mine Geophysics Visualization System

  Mining in the front   Filling in the back


Sketch map of comprehensive mechanized solid filling and mining production system