Key Project of National Science and Technology Support Plan of the 12th Five-year Plan

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Key Project of National Science and Technology Support Plan of the 12th Five-year Plan

Research and Development of Key Prevention Techniques and Equipment against Water Inrush, Fire, etc

Project number: 2013BAK06B00  Chief initiator: Yue Jianhu

Brief introduction of the Project

The project will conduct the research on mine inrush monitoring and early-warning technology, study and develop 6 sets of inrush monitoring equipment, mine flood quick rescue pumping appliance and system, establish emergency rescue wireless communication system based on the wireless network of Mesh, establish national and industrial standards, create new infrared carbon monoxide detectors(sensors) with high stability, reliability, low cost and the function of asking for help, establish mine safe Internet ofThings moving-targetmonitoring and communication technology and equipment, integrated safe production monitoring and supervision information platform, produce perfect liquid nitrogen stereoscopic fire fighting technology that will improve the effective transmission rate of liquid nitrogen to over 70%, find out the fundamental conditions of firesin China’s current coal fields, finish the development and experiment of fire monitoring and pre-warning system equipment, and carry out research on coal and gas explosion danger real-time monitoring and pre-warning key techniques and apply them in the demonstration projects.

Focusing on the prevention and control of mine inrush, fires as well as other grave accidents,the projects overall objective is to strengthen accident prevention and control technology, improve mine moving-targets as well as equipment safety monitoring and supervision, develop the technique of perception mine and Internet of Things, and greatly reduce extraordinary grave accidents like water inrush, fires and gas explosion, etc.