The CPC Committee Organization Department Party School of CUMT

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The CPC Committee organization department and Party School are in fact anoverall department with respective functions. Under the leadership of the school party committee, CPC Committee Organization Department takes charge of all the work of the whole universitys party organization and the cadre department, while the Party School takes charge of organizing and implementing the training and education of cadres, party members and active applicants for CPC Membership. Scho

The main responsibilities of the CPC Committee Organization Department and Party School are as follows:

1.To strengthen the ideological construction, organizational construction, work style construction, system construction and construction of the Party conductand of an honest and clean government within primary party organizations.

2.To be in charge of the construction of contingent of cadres, including the selection, appointment, education and evaluation of middle-level carders of the whole university.

3.To be in charge of the admission of new party members of the whole university, which includes the planning, guiding, supervising and inspecting work for the development of party members of primary party organization.

4.To manage the party membership and switch the organizational relationship of party members; meanwhile, to deal with the statistical work of basic information of party members for the whole school party organization.

5.To be in charge of communication with the school party representatives and handling with the management of proposals raised by the party representatives.

6.To manage the collection and disposition of party membership dues of the whole school.

7.To organize and implement the training of party members, active applicants for party membership and cadres so as to guide and help the branch party schools with the training affairs.

8.To carry out the theoretical research of party construction.

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Name: Cai Shihua

Position: Minister

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