General Party Branch Organization of the Immediate Business Units

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The responsibilities of General Party Branch Organizations of the ImmediateBusiness Units are as followed:

1.To implement the requirements of the higher Party organizations, work out plans for Party building combined with realities and do a good job of construction of ideology, organization, work style and a clean government.

2.To organize the central group, Party members and staffs to study political theories.

3.To do a good job in Party members’ development.

4.To organize Party leading cadre at divisional levels to hold the Special Meeting of democratic life.

5.To reasonably set the Party branches and change the term of office on schedule; strengthen the educational management of Party members and seriously implement the “three-meeting and one-class” system; organize the Party branches to carry out activities, give full play to the General Party Branch’s role as the political core, the Party branch’s role as a fort and the Party members’ role as pioneers and models.

6.To assist the Commission for Discipline Inspection, United Front Work Department and each department to complete various tasks, support Labor Union, the Commission for Women, the Communist Youth League to carry out activities.

Members of the General Party Branch Organizations of the ImmediateBusiness Units:

Secretary: Zhou Xiaolin

Deputy Secretary: Li Ming

Members: Luo Zhenfu, Song Yingfa, Wan Ji’en, Yin Liangwei, Wang Xiaoying

The subordinate Party Branch of the General Party Branch of the Immediate Business Units

1.The Party Branch of Library Information Center has 44 Party members; Yin Liangwei is the branch secretary and Xu Shujuan is the deputy secretary.

2.The Party branch of Journal Editorial Department has 7 Party members and Li Jinqi is the branch secretary.

3.The Party branch of Archives has 7 Party members; Zhou Xiaolin is the branch secretary and Jia Ling is the deputy secretary.

4.The Party branch of Higher Education Research Institute has 10 Party members including 3 staff Party members and 7 student Party members; and Zhang Yang is the branch secretary.

5.The United Party branch of China Museum of Coal Science and Technology and Service Center of Public Teaching has 6 Party members and Wang Ji’en is the branch secretary.

The Office Directly under General Party Branch of the Immediate Business Units (Archives, Room 615), Tel: 83592106.