Post-Doctoral Research Center of SME

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Mechanical Engineering Post-Doctoral Research Center of CUMT was approved to establish in February 1999. Research work in this center is in line with the Outline of the National Program for Long- and Medium-Term Scientific and Technological Development and closely linked with scientific and technological work, whose related areas are Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, vehicle engineering and so on. Till now, 30 post-doctors have carried research here. They participated in the projects like National 973 Program, National 863 Program, National Science-technology Support Plan Projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), etc. , and applied for and achieved 30 funding projects like China Postdoctoral Special Funding, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Postdoctoral Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province and others. More than 50 papers have been published and accessed to fruitful results.

Mechanical Engineering Post-Doctoral Research Center of CUMT is qualified with good research conditions. Welcome people with lofty ideals to counsel with us, and welcome post-doctoral staff to come here to work.

Tel:0086 51683590705, 0086 51683590798

Contacts: Cui Xinxia, Li Wei