The specialities of Mechatronic Engineering

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The Department of Machinery Design, based on the national key discipline of Machinery Design and Theory, is integrated by mining machinery teaching and research office and machinery design office. Over years of development, it has prepared a high-quality academic and teaching faculty, which has gained quite good achievements in teaching, scientific research and development. There are 29 teachers in this department, including 9 professors and 13 associate professors (25 with doctoral degree and 4 with master degree). One of them enjoys special allowances from the State Council; one is a selected person of the State New Century Project, 3 in the New Century Talent Supporting Project, 1 outstanding expert in Jiangsu Province, 2 in the “333”Project of Jiangsu Province and 7 in another two projects of excellent talents’ projects in Jiangsu Province. In recent years, it has undertaken 102 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research topics and 310 horizontal cooperation topics, and achieved 2 second prizes of National Award for Technological Invention, 2 second prizes of natianal prize for progressin science and technology, 55 provincial and ministerial scientific achievements awards, and 9 provincial and ministerial teaching achievements awards. 870 academic papers have been published in core journals both at home and abroad, among which, 101 are included in SCI, 265 in EI. Faculties in the department also published 12 monographs and 21 textbooks, gained 250 national invention and practical utility patents, and 3 excellent courses in Jiangsu Province. The Department of Machinery Design is determined to be pioneering and innovative and to make progress, and to expand exchanges and cooperation, endeavors to improve academic innovation capacity and strengthen high quality talents cultivating, and to make new and greater contribution to national economic development and coal industry technology progress

Person in Charge: Yang Shanguo

Phone: 13512562861

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Department of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering

Department of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering mainly takes the teaching work for mechanical & electronic engineering undergraduates and postgraduates, and research work of intelligent control and automation of electromechanical systems, hydraulic integration, equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, robotics and automation of coal mining areas and other areas. The department is staffed with 22 teachers, including 4 professors and 11 associate professors. In recent five years, staff and faculty members in this department have taken charge of more than 100 scientific research programs, including those in National 863 Program, National NaturalScience Foundation of China (NSFC), Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation and other projects, with project funding of over 10 million yuan. They have published more than 200 papers, over 60 of which have been indexed by SCI and EI, obtained more than 50 patents and gained dozens of provincial and ministerial prizes. Students of this department have achieved more than 20 awards in various contests like Challenge Cup, National Machinery Innovative Design Competition, National Robot Competition, National English Contest for College Students(NECCS) and so on.

Director: Professor Liu Tonggang

Tel: 0086 51683590777


Department of Measurement and Control Technology

Department of Measurement and Control Technologyconcentrates on the research of intelligent detection of mining equipment, fault diagnosis, remote control, and magneto-rheological fluid testing requirements in the special environment of coal mines, thus in four stable research directions, namely intelligent detection technology and equipment, intelligent information processing and diagnostic techniques, precision machinery and measurement and preparation and testing of MRF. Based on the instrument science and technology disciplines, the department is qualified with a first-level master’s degree authorization.The department has 15 teachers, including 2 professors and 7 associate professors. In recent years, the department has undertaken more than 50 projects, including 5 national projects, 10 provincial and ministerial projects, with the project funding of more than 5 million yuan. Faculties have published more than 100 papers, among which, over 60 are indexed by SIC and EI, and awarded 5 provincial and ministerial prizes.

Person in charge: Fan Mengbao

Phone: 15950680349

Department of Machinery Manufacturing

Department of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation have 13 teachers, including 3 professors and researchers, and 7 associate professors and senior engineers. They are mainly involved in teaching undergraduates and postgraduates, and other work like production practice, graduation practice, curriculum design, graduate design, etc.

At present, Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation has gradually formed the research direction for industrial equipment automation, digital manufacturing techniques, special machining and mechanical control, process automation and testing, numerical control technology, mining machinery and equipment and modern design theory. In recent 5 years, it has completed more than 30 scientific projects, with the project funding of more than 20 million yuan. It is now undertaking more than 20 projects, with the project funding of over 15 million yuan, and published more than 100 high-quality academic papers, among which, more than 50 are indexed by SCI and EI.

Person in charge: Liu Xinhua

Phone: 13645213800

Engineering Graphics Center

The teaching team of Engineering Graphics Center constitutes a vital part for the teaching of basic courses in this university, and also a core part for the Experimental Teaching Center of Machinery Foundation and CAD in the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Jiangsu province. There are 17 teachers and 1 researcher in this team, which enjoys a high reputation across the country and is a member of Engineering Graphics Teaching and Steering Committee of Higher Education Institutions and Vice Director Unit of Engineering Graphics Committee in Jiangsu province.

Structure of Academic Degrees:

Doctors, 44%,

Doctor Candidate, 22%,

Masters, 17%,

Bachelors, 17%.

Age Structure:

Older than 55, 28%,

40-49, 33%.

30-39, 39%.

Consanguinity of scholarships:

Graduates from CUMT, 30%.

Graduates from other universities, 37.5%.

Co-cultivated in CUMT and other universities, 32.5%

Title Structure:

Professors 22%.

Senior researchers, 6%.

Associate Professors 33%.

Lecturers, 39%.

Teachers in this department come from 7 national key universities, and 5 disciplines, with an average age of 41.16 years old. They are well-structured in education background, age, and consanguinity of scholarship, playing a very important role in course construction and development, and making significant achievements in teaching reform and scientific research.

The Department offers 12 courses like engineering drawings, mechanical drawings, engineering drawing practice, computer graphics, three-dimensional computer modeling, architectural drawings and the like. Students come from cover 17 schools and 33 majors in CUMT. Every year, teachers in this department teach more than 8,000 undergraduates and tutor many postgraduates. The course of "Engineering Drawing" keeps pace with higher education reform and development, and achieved fruitful results, including 2 first prizes of Outstanding Teaching Achievements Award of Jiangsu Province. In 2007, the course of "Engineering Drawing" was recognized as a national excellent course, and in 2013, it was selected as a national excellentresource sharing course. In the past 5 years, teachers in this team have undertaken and participated in 18national and provincial teaching and scientific research projects, published 62 papers, among which 11 are indexed by SCI, 23 by EI. They have also published 15 textbooks and gained 7national and provincial teaching awards, 9 rewards forscientific research and many other rewards in CUMT

Such titles as Excellent Teaching and Scientific Research Team and Advanced Party Branch were also awarded tothe team. Many teachers have carried off such awards as teaching models, woman pace-setters, students’ favorite teachers and so on at the municipal or university level.

Person in charge: Jiang Xiaohong

Phone: 13952184380