Brief Introduction

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Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Coalbed Methane Resources and Accumulation Process was approved to be established in CUMT on November 31st, 2008, to strengthen the capacity for solving basic and major scientific issues on basic geology and developing geology of coalbed methane, and to create a high-level platform for scientific research of coalbed methane and innovative talents training. The laboratory passed the check and acceptance procedure by Ministry of Education on August 26, 2012.

In regard to the team building, the laboratory has a staff of 60 full-time researchers, among which 82% have obtained doctoral degrees. Aggregative indicators of published papers in Geology, a Chinese Scientific and Technological Journal, rank top in China; 2 researchers in this team are appointed new heads of the organizations of their academic fields in China, which gives a relatively great academic edge. In this team, there are 17 new full-time members, all with doctoral degrees, and 5 provincial academic talents. Besides, the team has engaged 5 adjunct professors from universities both at home and abroad, who are well-known experts and talents in this field. The Laboratory has recruited 464 postgraduates, 177 of whom have graduated, and 2 have won Awards of One Hundred National Outstanding Doctoral Degree Papers. Besides, 163 undergraduates, as new professional talents, have graduated from this Lab and devoted themselves to the coalbed methane research and industrial sectors.

In regard to scientific research, the Laboratory undertakes 73 projects, with a total research fund of 123 million RMB. The projects include Key State Science and Technology Projects, National 863 Program, key projects of National Science Foundation of China (NSFC),etc. It has made new achievements on the basis of CBM geology, exploration of geological basis, development of geological basis, etc, and opened up a new direction for shale gas geology. It has won lots of awards, such as two Second Prizes of National Prize for Progressing Science Technology, and 8 provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Progress Awards, etc. Besides, it also has 11 achievements of State Intellectual Property, published 237 papers in association with Key Laboratory programs and projects, among which, 27 were included in SCI, and 83 in EI. It also published 9 academic works and textbooks.

In regard to hardware construction, the lab has invested 35 million yuan in building a center of 3600㎡, purchased 35 new sets of devices and equipment, each costing over 10,000 yuan. The laboratory owns an area of 3,600㎡, with a fixed asset of 25.75 million yuan. It also has 17 sets of large-scale precise equipment, each costing over 400, 000 yuan. The well-improved research condition provides the Lab with much convenience in forming a systematically experimental analysis capability in coalbed methane exploration and information interpretation, coalbed methane reservoir and material composition and physical testing, dynamic simulation of coalbed methane reservoir and dynamic numerical simulation of coalbed methane development.