The United Front Work Department

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Main Responsibilities:

1、According to the work requirements of the Central CPC Committee,direct leadership, and the university Party Committee and Administrations, the United Front Work Department makes and implements the plans on the united front work, reports to the university Party Committee, offer suggestions and advice for the united front work, and supervises the implementation of the united front work and coordinates relationship concerned.

2、To draw up and carry out policieson the united front work according to the requirements of higher-ups, and conduct university-level united front work activities; to assist the university Party Committee to guide, coordinate and supervise the united front work of secondary party committees and related departments, and take charge of training and exchanges programs for united-front staff members.

3、To ensure the smooth coordination with democratic parties, keep in touch with grassroots organizations of the university democratic parties and nonparty representatives, support and help grassroots organizations to reinforce their construction, assist the university Party Committee in holding briefings and democratic consultative conferences, relay their requirements in time, and solve their practical problems so as to give full play to their role in the development of the university career.

4、The United Front Work Department is also responsible for the cultivation of non-Party representatives and non-Party cadres, assisting some other departments and divisions in urging them to take an active part in political, administrative and social life, providing them with such services as training, study and practice, and recommendation to important positions, and taking charge of selection, preparation, andmanagement of non-Party reserve cadres.

5、The United Front Work Department is responsible for contacting the NPC representatives and CPPCC members at all levels, providing assistance and support in doing the investigation, supervision and proposal work, and conducting surveys and providing advice; supporting and guiding the democratic management of non-Party personages in Teachers’ Representative Committee, urging them to fulfill their duties in Democratic Appraisal and Cadres Supervision Working Committee and play a role in democratic supervision, education, andmanagement of the university in accordance with law.

6、The United Front Work Department is responsible for overseas united front work, taking the initiative to bring into play the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, caring about the work and life of returned overseas Chinese and their relatives, Taiwan compatriots and their relatives, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots as well as returnees after finishing studying overseas, and protecting their legal rights and highlighting their roles in school running.

7、The United Front Work Department is responsible for implementing the ethnic and religious policies, keeping updated on ethnic and religious affairs, keeping abreast of new development of minority students and teachers, respecting their lifestyle, reporting their reasonablerequirements, and publicizing and implementing ethnic and religious policies.

8、The United Front Work Department is responsible for work relations and situation exchanges with higher-up departments, provincial and municipal Party committees of Democratic Parties, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots.

9、The United Front Work Department is responsible for the publicity of the united front work, information and theoretical research of united front work polices, running well the magazine “Information of the United Front Work” and maintaining the homepage of the United Front Work Department. According to filing stipulations, the Department is responsible for managing documents and files.

10、To complete other tasks assigned by higher-up departments and the university Party Committee.

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