Labor Union of CUMT

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Labor Union of CUMT is a Model Unit of Staff and Faculty awarded by China Educational Labor Union National Committee, and granted the “Home of National Model Workers” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions. Labor Union of CUMT was founded in 1953. It has two entities, namely Labor Union Office and the Staff and Faculty Representative CommitteeSecretariat Office, and has eight departments including Organizational Department, PublicityDepartment, Women Workers’ Department, Young Workers’ Department, Recreation and Sports Department, Financial Department, Welfare Department, and Technical CoordinationDepartment. To fulfill its functions, the university Labor Union Committee sets up three branches including Fund Review and Inspection Committee, Female Staff Committee, Labor Dispute Mediation Committee.

Labor Union of CUMTis a working body of the Staff and Faculty Representative Committee, which has six special working committees:Democratic Management Working Committee, Democratic Appraisal and Cadres Supervision Working Committee, Teaching and Scientific Research Working Committee, Proposal Working Committee, Staff Welfare Working Committee, and Youth Working Committee.Since its establishment in 1985, Labor Union of CUMT has earnestly fulfilled its duties and improved the democratic management system in form of Staff and Faculty Representative Committee, strengthened the institutionalization and standardization of the Staff and Faculty Representative Committee. The Staff and Faculty Representative Committee is held annually, and the function and power will be put into effect when not in session. Also Labor Union of CUMT vigorously promotes the development of the university affairs open to the public and the construction of second-level Staff and Faculty Representative Committee, effectively promoting the management of the university democracy and the implementation of the guideline of relying wholeheartedly onthe working class.