Women Committee

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Women Committee of China University of Mining and Technology was founded on 1st November 2001. Its responsibilities are as follows: to unite and mobilize female staff and faculty, female college students to devote themselves to the cause of reform and construction, promote the development of educational cause, educate and guide women to be self-esteemed, self-confident, self-reliant andself-improving and make full use of activities such as “Women of Meritorious Conducts” and “Model Families” to strengthen their comprehensive quality, to represent female staff and faculty to participate in democratic management and supervision of the university, and to maintain the legal rights of women and children.The committee has 11 staff members, including one director and two deputy directors. The office of the committee has seven divisions and 20 branches: General Office, Female Staff Work Department, Female College Student Affairs Department, Rights Protection Group, Organizational Group,PublicityGroup, Competition Group,Maternal and Children Health Care Group

Functions of Women Committee

1、Women Committee is responsible for making working plans and guiding grassroots women committee activities in light with the requirements of the university and higher-up women committees.

2、To promote campus cultural and ideological progress in coordination with Party Committee Publicity Department, the university Youth League Committee and other relevantdepartmentsthrough ideological and political education, and conduct “four-self” and“patriotism and collectivism” education activities for the university female staff and female college students.

3、Women Committee also assists in conducting activities around “Three Aspects of Education” with otherdepartments concerned, recommending, evaluating and awarding excellent women, collectives and “Model Families”.

4、Women Committee also plays a role in democratic participation, management and supervision, protecting legal and special rights of the university female staff and college students, and serving them in a down-to-earth manner.

5、Women Committee also focuses on reinforcing its construction and strengthening the cadre training management, carrying out in-depth research, and serving as a bridge and reporting to relevantdepartments the reasonable advice and requirements of female staff and students, so as to lead and unite female staff and students to make contributions to the reform and development of CUMT.






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