Committee of Communist Youth League, CUMT (CCYLC)

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The Committeeof Communist Youth League, CUMT, an advanced youth mass organization, is the assistant and reserve force of the Party.

The university youth league adheres to the guidelines of Diligence, Earnestness, Enterprise and Dedication, and is responsible for ideological education, organizational construction,publicity work and Internet management, social practice and volunteer activities, extracurricular activities,the students’ innovative activities, culture and art activities. CCYLC exercises leadership over students’ organizations such as Undergraduate Journalism and Communication Center of CUMT, Chorus, Wind Music Band,National Flag Squad, Etiquette Team,Radio Drama Club, Chamber Flute Orchestra, etc. CYLC committee is responsible for the guidance of Graduate Student Union, Student Union, and Union of Students' Associations, Broadcast Station (Nanhu Campus) as well as the youth league work of theaffiliated middle school.

In recent years, guided by the Scientific Outlook on Development, CCYLCassumes responsibility for quality-expanding program and builds college students’ cultural quality education base in Jiangsu province, outstanding youth development education base (Communist Youth League School). Also, CCYLC puts up activities including Arts Festivals, Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Culture Festival, college students’entrepreneurship education practice, social practice and youth volunteer activities.

Tel.: 0086 516 83590361

Office: Room 307, the Third Student’s Cafeteria (Nanhu Campus)





Li Jiangtao

Secretary ofCCYLC

Room 312, the Third Student’s Cafeteria (Nanhu Campus)


Chen Wen


Secretary ofCCYLC

Room 310, the Third Student’s Cafeteria (Nanhu Campus)


Chen Liang


Secretary ofCCYLC

Room 308, the Third Student’s Cafeteria (Nanhu Campus)


Xie Faguo


Secretary ofCCYLC

Room 306, the Third Student’s Cafeteria (Nanhu Campus)