Departments and institutes of College of Safety Engineering

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Research Institute of Ventilation and Fire Prevention

Director: Wang Deming

Members: Li Zenghua, Zhou Fubao, Qin Botao, Zhong Xiaoxing, Ren Wanxing, Yang Yongliang, Wang Yanming

As early as 1952, Mine Ventilation and Safety Research Team was established in the department of Coal Mining at the Beijing Institute of Mining Technology. Led by Prof. Huang Yuanping and Prof. Wang Xingshen, the research related to the theory and technique of mine ventilation and balanced-pressure fire prevention and control was carried out. In the 1980s, Prof. Zhao Yihui, Prof. Zhang Huichen, Prof. Di Zhiqian joined the team and became its backbones. During this period, the team has made a number of highly innovative results, featuring “controlling fire by wind” in this discipline of CUMT, and laid the foundation for China’s mining safety discipline. The Mine Ventilation Professional Committee of China Coal Safety Association has always been a branch of this team.

Since the 1990s, led by Prof. Wang Deming, Prof. Li Zenghua, Prof. Zhou Fubao, Prof. Qin Botao became the new generation of backbones in the team and the team has entered a new stage of development. It has established a more perfect ventilation experimental system, developed a pulsating ventilation machine and main ventilation machine operating conditions on-line monitoring and performance measuring device, put forward the reliability evaluation index system of mine ventilation system, developed the mine ventilation system reliability evaluation software, established a coal spontaneous combustion characteristics research system, proposed the oxidation kinetic determination method of the coal spontaneous combustion tendency and a three-phase foam fire extinguishing technologies and thickening mortar fire prevention and control technology for prevention of coal spontaneous combustion. All these theories, techniques and methods have been widely used in the country, effectively curbed the occurrence of major accidents in coal mines and made significant social and economic benefits. It has also spawned a distinctive, innovative team with remarkable achievements in the area of coal mine safety.

                                                                Institute of coal mine gas control and utilization
Director: LIN Baiquan
Members: ZHOU Shining, ZHOU Yan, ZHAI Cheng, WU Haijin, LI Qingzhao, ZHU Chuanjie, HAO Zhiyong

The institute of coal mine gas control and utilization, relying on the mine gas prevention and control engineering institute and the state key laboratory of coal resources and safe mining, has 1 academician, 4 professors, 2 associate professors, 6 doctors and 2 postdoctoral researchers. There are two national level experts in production safety group. Right now, the institute recognizes the distinguished professor ZHOU Shining (Academician in Chinese Academy of Engineering) as the academic leader to form a research group consisting of middle-aged and young academic team members. In recent years, the institute focus on the basic theory and application research, the current key problems of prevention and control of major gas disasters of coal mine safety production in our country, has carried out a lot of research work and made a batch of scientific researches, which include: further improve and the establishment of the coal seam gas occurrence and flow theory, dot to line and line to plane for coal gas pressure relief in three-dimensional to improve gas drainage and gas comprehensive management; The mechanism of gas coal and rock dynamic disasters evolution is studied, the coal and gas outburst mutation potential function is constructed and it  reveals the deep mining coal rock gas dynamic phenomenon process. The process of gas explosion propagation characteristics in coal roadways is also studied. In addition, the institute promote researches on coal gas (VAM) utilizing and set up some engineering practices examples in China. All these theories, techniques and methods have been widely used in the country, effectively curbed the occurrence of major accidents in coal mines and made significant social and economic benefits. 

Coal Mine Gas Control Research Institute

Director : Cheng Yuanping

Members: Wang Haifeng, Liu Haibo,  Wang Liang, Zhou Hongxing, Wang Lei

CUMT Mine Gas Prevention Institute relies on National Engineering Research Center of Coal Mine Gas Control and State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining. There is 1 member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 6 doctors, 2 post doctors, 12 doctoral candidates and 30 postgraduates, 2 of them are State Production Safety Expert Group members, thus developing into a very strong academic team with professors and academicians famous both at homeandabroad as directors, young and middle-aged doctors as the backbone of the academic team.

In recent years, based on theoretical and applied research, the institute has carried out a lot of research work in the prevention and treatment of the problem for the current major gas disaster that affects China’s coal mine production safety and made a number of groundbreaking research achievements.It has further improved and built a coal seam gas deposit and liquidity theory, presented new ideas of three-dimensional overall pressure relief, and an integrated governance model of relief gas drainage, carried out a study of gas evolution mechanism of coal and rock dynamic disasters, constructed the coal and gas outburst potential function mutations and revealed the process of coal and rock gas dynamic phenomena during deep mining. In addition, it invented the technique and equipment of integrated drilling and cutting method to eliminate outburst and relieving pressure to strengthen gas drainage method, studied the spreading characteristics and related thermodynamic characteristics of coal mine gas explosion in the confined tunnel space, developed a coal mine gas explosion hazard evaluation techniques and software, coal mine safety risk management techniques and software, rapid tunnel excavating technology under high-concentrated gas and low permeability conditions, gas drainage drilling and sealing technology and equipment, etc. All the achievements effectively promoted the technological innovation in this field, guaranteed the safety and long-term mechanism of coal production, and helped to form an academic team with significant impact in coal mine gas field around the world.

Institute of Coal and Rock Dynamic Disasters

Director: Wang Enyuan

Members: Liu Zhentang, Li Zhonghui, Shen Rongxi, Liu Xiaofei

Institute of Coal and Rock Dynamic Disasters was established in January 2009. Till now, it has made significant progress and fruitful results in the aspects of team building, scientific research, personnel training, undergraduate courses, etc.

Outburst Prediction and Safety Equipment Institute

Director: Jiang Chenglin

Members: Yang Shengqiang, Jia Fuyin, Yu Baohai, Tang Jun, Li Xiaowei

The Institute is long engaged in the coal and gas outburst mechanism and control technology research, carried out the “spherical shell instability' theory on coal and gas outburst, explained the various mine outburst phenomenon on site, which has been experimentally test many times, established the 'ideal Cross Cut' outburst prediction model, whose prediction accuracy is more than 96%, and has been safely exposing coal more than 60 times, accurately zoning more than 10 outburst seam, studied the 'line forecast' technology and equipment to predict outburst in coal tunnel. The institute is now studying the rapid detection technology for prevention of outburst of crosscut and wellbore coal seam.  Five national projects and more than 100 coal enterprise projects are now presided over in this institute.

Safety Monitoring Institute

Director: Jiang Shuguang

Members: Zhang Renwei, Chen Kaiyan, Wu Zhengyan

The Team of Safety Monitoring consists of 4 teachers, among whom, 2 are professors, and 2 are associate professors, 3 of them have obtained PhD. Since its establishment in 2009, 9 doctors and more than 50 postgraduates have graduated from here. At present, there are 19 postgraduates studying in this institute. This institute has published more than 180 articles, 5 books, and obtained more than 15 national patents, 2 provincial and ministerial awards.

The team is in charge of 'safety monitoring' and 'fluid network computer analysis' experimental teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate, engaged in monitoring and control of coal mine fire due to internal and external factors, coal mine gas concentration, pressure and other parameters. It also undertakes the task of building mine emergency rescue system (refuge chamber) and safety monitoring equipment research, frequency regulating and control of mine ventilation network and the main Ventilator, researching of gas explosion suppression technology and equipment, monitoring and control of grouting (fly ash). It is also responsible for the determination of ventilation network parameters and wind net settlement, distributed Systems Research of main ventilator, research and building of inhibition of ionic liquids on coal spontaneous combustion theory and coal mine safety system.

Fire Protection Engineering Institute

Fire Protection Engineering Institute, relying on safety engineering and key disciplines of science and engineering, utilizes high-level teachers and research conditions to carry out the theory of fire science and the research fire protection engineering technology, and undertakes the undergraduate teaching of fire protection engineering major. The institute has 12 teachers, more than 30 doctors and postgraduates, and all sorts of advanced facilities. The main research directions include fire mechanism, building fire protection theory and engineering applications, etc. It undertakes many national scientific research issues and natural science foundations, is the main research institute for the national standard of Design Specifications of Fire Protection Performance of the Construction.

Undergraduate Teaching Experiment Center

Director: Zuo Shuxun

Safety Engineering Teaching Experiment Center is renamed after Safety Technology and Engineering Laboratory when Safety Engineering College was established in November 2007. In 2011, this centre was approved to be the Safety Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Jiangsu Province.

The center has an area of about 1500 ㎡, and the equipments are worth of 31 million Yuan RMB.

The centre has a well-structured teaching team, consisting of 53 teachers. Many of them have won the honor of national and provincial outstanding teachers.

Experimental Center is mainly responsible for the Experimental Teaching for the safety engineering major, fire protection engineering major and mining major. Besides, it also undertakes the Experimental Teaching for undergraduates in College of Resources and College of Applied Science.  

Experimental Centre implements an open management to ensure innovative training and teaching environment.

Safety Inspection and Testing Laboratory

Director: He Shujian

Deputy Director: Zhang Rengui

Safety Inspection and Testing Laboratory of CUMT was established on December 19th, 2011, whose name was Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Mining and Safety Education, and was granted A-Class qualification for production testing and inspection of national security by State Administration of Production Safety Supervision on November 31st 2005.

At present, the laboratory is engaged in the following tasks:

Coal and gas outburst hazard identification

Identification of explosive coal dust

Identification of spontaneous combustion tendency of coal

Testing and inspection of Coal mine safety with the main ventilators being used

Mine ventilation resistance detection

Mine gas emission forecasts

Gas index determination of coal spontaneous combustion

Bursting Tendency of roof strata

Bursting Tendency of Coal