LI Qiang, Vice President

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Dr. Li Qiang, professor and doctoral tutor, was born in October, 1965, is a member of Education Accounting Society of China.


In July, 1989, he graduated from the Accounting Major of CUMT, and stayed to teach in this university. Then, he obtained the Master Degree of Management Science, and Doctor Degree of Management Science and Engineering in CUMT respectively in 1999 and 2008, and became professor in 2007. Since graduation in 1989, he held various positions in School of Management of CUMT, and became Assistant to the President of CUMT in May, 2005. From December, 2013, he began to serve as Vice President and a member of Party Standing Committee in CUMT.


Professor Li has long been engaged in the research work of accounting in government and non-profit organizations, university financial management, cost measurement and compensation of college students’ cultivation, etc, wrote books like Accounting for Capital Construction Unit, Accounting in Colleges and Universities, and Cost Accounting and so on. He has presided over many projects subsidized by doctoral programs of Ministry of Education, won a fist prize of Science and Technology Awards of China's Coal Industry, a first prize of Soft Science Achievements Award of Jiangsu Province, a first prize of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Production Safety Award, and a second prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievements Award in Coal Institutes, etc. In addition, he was honored as Advanced Accounting Worker in Jiangsu Province in 2009, and Advanced Accounting Worker of Education and Accounting System in Jiangsu Province in 2011.