Introduction to the Low Carbon Energy Institute

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Established in early 2010 and affiliated to China University of Mining and Technology, the Low Carbon Energy Institute is a research entity specializing in the low carbon utilization of coal and new resources development, and a high-level research platform that integrates fundamental study, technology research and development, technology transfer, technology service, high-caliber talent cultivation and international cooperation. Catering for the development momentum of low-carbon energy at home and abroad, the institute includes a CCUS team, a coal-to-clean fuel conversion team, a carbon-monitoring & evaluation R&D team, a solar energy R&D team, and a biomass energy R&D team.


Focusing on scientific studies, the institute has conducted over 50 research projects, separately supported by 863 Program, National Program of Support for Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), and the Advanced Coal Technology Consortium of China-US Clean Energy Research Center, etc., with contract funds totaling more than RMB ¥13 million. Sophisticated research platforms have been set up with a lab area of 3,000 m2. The institute also boasts the key laboratory of Coal-based CO2 Capture and Geological Storage of Jiangsu Province, the CO2 Monitoring and Evaluation Laboratory, the Solar Energy Laboratory, and the Evaluation and Research Center for Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction. And in collaboration with School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, the Institute has jointly established CUMT Coal Quality Promotion and Emission Reduction Base for Introducing Talents to Universities (Program of the Ministry of Education of China). In October 2012, the governor of Jiangsu Province, Li Xueyong, visited the institute and highly complimented the independently researched and developed evaluation system for CO2 emission, which, considered by the governor, will be a powerful pushing hand in energy efficiency and emission reduction as well as machinery manufacture.


The institute has also actively carried out academic exchange and cooperation. It has successfully hosted four international seminars, and witnessed more than 20 visits of scientists and CEOs from various countries and regions, such as Germany, Norway, France, Great Britain, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and HK. The institute has also entered into cooperation with University of Alberta, University of Kentucky and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, etc.